1. What is PressAssure?

PressAssure is a 100% natural herbal remedy for maintaining healthy blood pressure. It has been sold in Asia for over 30 years.

2. What type of individual needs to take PressAssure?

Anyone who wants to maintain healthy blood pressure, and also for people who are in a stressful environment.

3. How do I take PressAssure?

Take four tablets every morning preferably 20 minutes before meals or on an empty stomach. You can also take it any time during the day.  For overweight or oversize individuals you can take 4 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon (if needed).

4. Are there any side effects with PressAssure?

PressAssure is 100% natural, completely safe, non-toxic and will not cause dependency.

5. Does PressAssure interfere with prescription medications or other supplements?

PressAssure won’t interfere with medications including diuretics, blood thinners, beta-blockers and calcium channel blockers and other supplement.

6. How long before I notice a change?

Everyone reacts differently but after 3-7 days you should notice some change.

7. Should I continue to use PressAssure after my BP becomes normal?

Yes, you need to continue using PressAssure everyday to maintain healthy blood pressure.

8. Should I stop taking my prescription medications after taking the PressAssure?

Do not stop or change prescribed medication without the permission of your medical doctor.

9. How much PressAssure do I need to order?

PressAssure is packaged 120 tablets per bottle (1 month supply). You can order how many bottles you like. However, the best way to order your PressAssure is to take advantage of our special offer of buy 2 bottles and get 3rd bottle free (total of 3 month supply). You can also sign up for our Auto Ship Program to save even more money. (See details on PressAssure product page).

10.How do I order Vita Pharmica nutritional products?

You can order online through our website or call one of our friendly customer service representatives at 1-888-686-3683, Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm PST. You can also leave a message on the answering machine 24 hours a day 7 days a week and we will get back to you the next business day.

11. How do I find a Health Food store near me who would carry Vita Pharmica products??

Simply call one of our friendly customer service representatives at 1-888-686-3683, Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm PST to locate a health food store near you who offers Vita Pharmica natural herbal supplements.

12. How do I contact Vita Pharmica??

If you have questions about a specific Vita Pharmica products, how to use it, or any other questions or comments, please call our toll free number 1-888-686-3683 or send us an email to info@vitapharmica.com.

13. What makes Vita Pharmica different from most nutritional supplement companies??

A lot of things make us stand above other companies, we have quality manufacturing, ingredient testing, unique formulas, and more.  We have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy.